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Thoughtful lyrics - Heartfelt melodies

Blue Windows, an enchanting blend of contemporary folk-infused melodies, invites listeners on a captivating journey through heartwarming narratives with a hint of country and folk-pop.​ Enter their lyrical universe. Renowned for their quirky themes and insightful perspectives on human behaviour, they are here to tickle your funny bone and tug at your heartstrings.


Picture this: the motives of mischievous cats and audience favorite 'Gone Fishing' that's catchier than your last fishing story. Infused with honesty in both vocals and songwriting, Blue Windows seamlessly intertwines melodic tunes with profound reflections on love, loss, revenge.


Blue Windows has received notable acclaim, recently receiving 3rd place at The Basin Music Festival 2024. They also received four song nominations in the top 10 of the Basin Music Festival 2023. 'Monday Mornings in May' secured a 3rd position and further entered the prestigious Top 30 of the Australian Songwriter’s Comp in 2019.​


Having supported Alex Smith from Moving Pictures, the band has graced numerous venues across Geelong, Bellarine, the Surf Coast, and Melbourne, showcasing their musical prowess from the Workers Club to the Wesley Anne in Northcote.​


As they approach the completion of their eagerly anticipated third album, Blue Windows continues to enthral audiences with fresh compositions that promise to unveil new layers of reflective observations and captivating stories.


Songwriting Achievements

* Finalist  2024 The Basin Music Festival - 3rd place

  • song 'Water in Wine'

​* Finalist  2023 The Basin Music Festival - 3rd place

  • song 'Monday Mornings in May'

  • incl. 4 x  Top 10 nominations​

* Top 30  Australian Songwriters Association 2019

"Monday Mornings in May - 3rd place! This song is about loss, as well as great memories to treasure. I wrote it on guitar but we recorded it on piano on the album Borders"                                                               


Album #2

Album #2

Album #2

Album #1

Album #2

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