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3rd Place!!!
at The Basin Music Festival
Songwriting Competition

"Monday Mornings in May took out the 3rd prize! This song is about loss, as well as great memories to treasure. I wrote it on guitar but we recorded it on piano on the album Borders"


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Our trail of crumbs....

Since joining forces in 2007 the story of Blue Windows is one of growth, energised by the chemistry that comes from over a decade of friendship and music comradery.


Hailing from the Surf Coast and Melbourne, their quirky themes and perspectives are wrapped up in catchy, intimate and warm melodies.

They released their second album Borders in 2021, of which Monday Mornings in May entered the Top 30 of the APRA Australian Songwriters Competition. 

With roots in the UK, Netherlands and Australia Blue Windows combine Folky fun and heart-warming tunes, spiced up with a dash of country, bluesy and jazzy tones. 


Find us here...

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